Wednesday, December 25, 2013

No coffee

Past my bedtime most of the times i make sure that I don't have any beverages. Having it totally ruins the sleep which ends up me being awake on the bed crawling, staring at the walls and go to bathroom umpteen times to clear my bladder(really hate getting up). Today being a pre-christmas night, we went out for a ride at 12 night and had coffee at the 24 hours beach restaurant. It was fun as usual but now am paying the prize. Staring at the walls, getting up, fbing and writing this post at 3am.

Merry christmas!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

few more weeks to go....

taking 1st calls in final year is really pissing me off. U see shit cases [silly in fact] all day and get calls at midnight from other departments for references etc. Am doing this from past 3 years [almost] and frankly now i don't have the same patience and enthusiasm as i had in my first two years of resident-ship. Luckily this will be my last month of emergency calls and that's it, am done with my M.D here after 2 months of regular attendance. Hopefully i sail through the exams smoothly [2 candidates this time]. After that an year or so of senior residency here may be and will move on to next phase of my life. Phase where job responsibility will be more and personal goals are given more importance.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lazy sunday...

Lazy weekend....
Got up at 10.
being in final has its own luxury. Less of work(and duties) and hardly they expect you to attend Sunday rounds.
Had a nice cup of coffee now with some good music. Happen to stumble upon tommy and tuppance episodes (YouTube) recently when trying to dig into the poirot episodes online. They are quite engaging and you will love it if u have read the books.
Finishing this will have my brunch, get a small nap and study a little bit.
my good weekend will end here and again tomorrow it will be a new working week with opds to attend and same old seminars and casualty duties.
Hmm....this episode looks interesting and I must finish it. Bye for now.