Tuesday, January 28, 2014

my eyes on them.

In this exam heat i somehow managed to get hold of these BBC SH series. Pure enjoyment and joy for a SH fan these are. Storyline for these series have been taken from the original short stories by Sir Doyle. Am into 2nd season now and one interesting thing i have observed is the watch he wears in this show. Its rotary classic watch. Its simple and sleek with a professional look. My eyes are set on them and its time i guess for me to coax my 'dear' brothers or friends staying abroad to get me this.

Monday, January 27, 2014

They deserve it..

Draft sweeping the Grammy's this yr.


Sunday, January 26, 2014


happen to pass by this at rocky beach here. people here have given rajnikanth the status of gandhi-the mahatma?


3 papers down. 1 more to go. prefinal practice exams. at this age neither i have motivation or patience to study for a 3hours exam. So end up studying either half effort or copying at exam hall.
Went out with my puttimari today. a nice beach side lunch [and walk] which i badly wanted after the exam. i strongly feel that she is my genuine soul mate, and is the right person to be my partner. She understands me very well, take cares of me and never hesitates to correct me and critize me when the necessity arises. I see her as my best friend raher than as my mate. i sometimes have these small fights with her but still at the end of the day we are bff [best friends forever]. think we a r emdae for each other :D.

happy republic day

happy republic day :)