Sunday, April 6, 2008


yeah guilty..thts what am feeling now..reason being wasting last 3 days just like that without doing something constructive..!:(..had skin postings till was little laid back and all..and had really planned to start medicine during this time but couldn't implement any of those..from past 3 days was just killing time by sleeping,eating[in short oomahe] and browsing and of course blogging:)...these are one of those days where u just feel like doing nothing and laziness tries to overcome u in every possible way (and also manages to do so)...and in fact tried to help myself by watching some inspirational videos but unfortunately that too didn't work! [though was inspired for a minute or so]..tomorrow have one more day of holiday and hope atleast this time will utilize it properly...!!!...:)


Anvita said...

I know the feeling mate, I feel exactly the same infact i had to make a report for my work which i will now make morrow hehehe.

Single In The City said...

I have felt like that since spring break here! I am not doing what I should be and I can so feel it!

I have been sleeping so much that I even missed 2 classes!!

You will get your Mind together soon, you maybe just needed a lil break!


Meghna said...

Hi Pratap,
Haven't reading for a while coz I've been a bit too lazy :P you make me feel guilty...Haven't done anything except blogging and sleeping and eating and TV since two weeks but it's term break now so I got to enjoy bfr school starts again :D
Hope you do utilize ur holiday and that stands for me too..

brocasarea said...

@ anvita...thanks for the support:)

@ single...guess we are in the same sinking boat!!!

brocasarea said...

@ meghna...hmm...children shdnt be lazy no!!!..:D

Big Pearls said...

ur post reminded me of how I did nothing last weekend!

Akash said...

Take some rest! Life is more fun that way! These are the times you'd remember later (and will grin remembering these too!), so don't miss them! :D

I fondly remember the night outs @ my college which I spent watching OC,FRIENDS, Heroes, Lost... :D

brocasarea said...

@ big pearls...we are in the same pool:)

@ akash...thanks for the advice:)