Thursday, December 31, 2009

a lonely prisoner...

rat trapped inside...

1-RIP-Dr Vishnuvardhan...a truly great legend passes away...
2-happy new yr...:)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


recently got a bluetooth from ny cousin[motorola]...still not able to figure out where[place] am supposed to use wards in front of patients and nurses[like a gadget zombie]/while riding my cycle or in the streets when i go for jogging[once a month]....

Replay featuring Iyaz...really nice catchy

Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas vs exams

merry christmas and happy new year!!...

exams nearby..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

rat race...

“The problem with winning the rat race is you're still a rat"

so true

aipge exams[forMD/MS] coming up...everyone wnts a piece of it[seats] but not many really work toward it...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

mass hysteria

People r going just crazy[atleast me] for this movie...
many people with too many expectations lining up for the tickets....
i just loved the experience rather than the movie]....awesome movie[gave 9 for it in imdb] with good story line...plz dont miss it guys[request]:)!

1-it was fun to see people on 3D glasses[i wore it on my power glasses!!]...looked like an epidemic
2-2.5k is the fine those money grubbing spirits r charging for these 3rd rate glasses[in case of damage] and damn sure tht they would have managed to get some scapegoats too..
3-iron man2 coming up...trailer is out...check it out..

Friday, December 18, 2009

joke[s] of the week....

whats the similarity between washing machines and girls??



even if one of these is not available

then we have to use our own hands:)

one of my friend replies back to this sms joke "wives dont like washing clothes!!"![actual joke]

really excited abt AVATAR...going tomo but my only concern is tht how will i wear 3d glasses with my power glasses[0.5-ve] on??!!...any suggestions??...

Thursday, December 17, 2009


time-night[around 11pm]
people involved-ortho pgs,patients and ward boy

in ortho its a common thing to get fracture cases during night duties and in most of the cases to stabilize[and also to decrease pain] pops[plaster of paris] are put as a initial emergency medical aid and further managed depending on the patient[finance]/docs.

actual scenario-
a patient with obvious fracture comes to the emergency and one of my pg after initial routine[history,doing MLC and xrays] decides to put pop and tells[request-u cant order these self important jerks!] one of the ward boys to put the pop...after everything [putting cast] the ward order plainly demands money[pretty hefty] from the patient telling the dr himself has asked for it[pure exploitation].
After a few days some how this pg comes to know abt this[from the patient themselves] and so from then on in a heroic way[he was in 1st yr then] decides to put all the casts himself[in order to save their money]...satisfied/with pride[after putting some] at last walks into the duty room and narrates[to his senior pg] all this...senior pg then calmly replies "now tht u have personally gone to put pop ward boy would charge double the amount saying he has personally called u for the work"

that was the last time he put the cast himself in his life....
those who think all govn docs r corrupt r wrong....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


this day that year...16th dec 2007 was when i started blogging and have been happily continuing doing so till part about this is that its a hobby which i like doing and coz of this have been able to connect with some really wonderful people[and writers] whom i didnt even know and cared to spend their time reading my blog and pen down their opinion.
A big thank u for all those who made me to continue this till today[with their feedbacks and comments] and also those who care to read it [and dont comment].

as they say "a writer is, after all, only half his book. The other half is the reader and from the reader the writer learns"-feedbacks/-ve and +ve suggestions are most welcome..and request each and every reader to do so:)

Monday, December 14, 2009

fish market...

have u ever been to a fish market?[non vegs]
i have never been to one[am a egg eating veggie] but guess it will be somewhat similar to the ops in our departments on mondays...lots of people[with all sorts of complaints] shouting and running here and there and we like vendors trying to convince[or somehow escape] them somehow.This is so coz all the weekend cases would have been accumulated[unless its an emergency] and they on monday would just drop in into opds[even more so in ophthal since emergency cases r too less] causing the mad rush.

Luckily for interns work is to just do LS and measure iop using tonometry

Friday, December 11, 2009

pocket mein rocket...

Pocket mein rocket
Pocket mein rocket
Pocket mein
Pocket mein rocket hai
Pocket mein rocket hai
Beta halke halke, udna sambhal k
Pocket mein rocket hai
Pocket mein rocket hai
Beta halke halke, udna sambhal k.......

just love this song from the movie rocket singh-salesman of the year and have already arranged the tickets for tdays evening show...

hope its not a cheap copy of employee of the month movie

ophthalmology is not bad as i had expected it to autonomous single institute[one among very few in south india] just for just an 6-7gm organ....marvelous indeed!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

lady wolverine

just more days am out of this more casts,night duties,pulling etc.
Never enjoyed ortho and wont be taking it as my pg.

watched Boondock saints-very stylishly filmed movie with good watch it if u r a fan of such movies[like man on fire,usual suspects]

today had been my last OT[major postings] and was feeling all nostalgic...if i dont take a surgical field it will be last time ever i will wear a OT dress....

my personal[private] picture blog is now 165 posts old and it feels so good to see my yr old snaps....

She-wolverine-snap taken by my co-intern after a k-wire fixation to a lady...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


"please sir just few prescriptions of these[/day]"...this is what i have been hearing from MRs[medical reps] in opds who visit regularly [whole week] and bombard the innocent docs[interns] sitting there with loads of new meds[trade names of same old drugs] and rarely sometimes with free samples...sometimes i find more MRs than the patients in the department wandering here and there with their bags and targeting/torturing every pg/intern they come across.More often it has so happened that its difficult to decide whether to talk to them or to the patients who keep pestering us with their year[like one patient who has a pain problem from 15 years but has never bothered to show it to any doc] old problems.
on the brighter side they r few advantages as well-free meds,pens[which i never use] and get to learn quite a few funky cool trade names[atleast it impresses the patient!] of the drugs.

1-those of u who think am a sadist and experiment on patients like guinea pigs r mistaken...we write[most of the times] only those drugs which r safe and dont have any untoward rxns.
2-ortho is such a dull field-just xrays/pulling,pushing/mending bones....
3-had been to my native yest-@ seaside[west coast]