Friday, May 28, 2010

having fun...

beach walks
idle conversations with the 1yr old niece

sums up my days here....@ native in saligrama[near mangalore]....taking a brk from my daily routine.


wont be able to catch up with house latest episode here:(

Friday, May 21, 2010

BreakYour Heart

Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart ft. Ludacris

Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart ft. Ludacris

Thursday, May 20, 2010

patience really helps..

Over years i have found out[by experience] that what ever situation ur in a little bit more patience at that very moment makes a lot of when you are constantly getting irritated while studying by others[mom especially] or when confronting an irritated child[due to sickness] and its parents or in obg labour rooms where the ever pouring admission [atleast 25-40 new in a 12 hr shift totaling around 60] makes u loose ur cool and frequently usually end up shouting at them.
At the start of my internship last yr i had made a decision..never frustrate out on an ailing patient's kins,a child's parents[from my personal experience] and on a pregnant lady having labour pains [which is equivalent to an amputated finger].Looking back at it now makes me really contended and happy that atleast somewhere i was right for a moment and treated the people the way they deserve.

one of my close friends still regrets for shouting at those innocent pregnant ladies.
i loose my cool when it comes to incompetent nurses and ward boys.
saw legend of bagger vance yesterday....nice entertaining watch...[starring Matt damon and Will smith]

Thursday, May 13, 2010

pic of the day...

this was taken inside NICU...a neonate on phototherapy..
i so miss my paeds postings:(

Monday, May 10, 2010

chennai visit...

chennai visit=hot humid climate+alien langauge+traveller's diarrhoea+tsunami scare+beach visit[which was like a kalasipalya market].......

Saturday, May 8, 2010


>1ok people,50 seats[o:],only 4 centres in India=aiims exam...leaving today to MAD-ras....hope i dont end up being just a burnt chicken there...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

just few updates...[am alive]

with aiims exam nearby [this sunday] i shd be totally into books now which unfortunately am not [regret about this every minute]...sometimes i totally loose motivation [also the opposite] and end up watching movies,browsing etc...[almost 31/2 movies in 4 days]

this summer heat is really making me addicted to ice-creams...almost every alternate day i eat one and luckily havent fallen sick yet.[really miss those lollies which i used to have during my school days]

watched Talladega nights yesterday...with Will Ferrell in it as a driver who grows up becoming a driver.Thoroughly enjoyed it [being his fan] with its silly humor and good storyline.

More i read psychiatry the more i think am having hypochondriasis[especially bipolar disorder]....may be am too much into the subj and some self evaluation.

finally have got all my graduation snaps..totally love them and will always cherish that day.Only regret is that i havent taken any snap together with my best friend [since ukg we are together].We were so involved during that event that neither of us realized wht we were missing.


remember this classic song of Baba sehgal "dil dhadake"...totally miss those old rappers [apache indian and jazzy B]