Saturday, February 21, 2009


1) Finally my close friend's much delayed movie(kannada) released yesterday in some major theatres here..He is in the lead role and the movie has recieved some positive reviews from the media(kan toi and zee kannd)..We were good friends in puc(11,12th) after which he did completed his engg.It really feels good to see some one you know achieve some thing in this industry
2) saw delhi6 movie today..Movie is pretty good(plz dont compare it to rdb) with some great music and a good social message..Skap looks pretty in the movie!-D
3) my twin bro has contracted viral conjuctivitis(madras eye) but still doesnt mind spending hours in front of pc(some people never change)!

P.S-will be putting that snaps after watching the movie...
Time for dinner.. bye


Grey said...

the movie has a name ?

brocasarea said...

@ grey...yeah...e-shambhashane!!

Aparna said...

i didnt know u have a twin bro

does he blog too?

shud watch dilli-6

brocasarea said...

@ he hates it!!...:)

Amar Narayan said...

so who was ur +2 friend