Wednesday, March 18, 2009


CNAA-Community Needs Assessment approach

about the programme-
Its a de-centralized programme which implicates close association of the community and its leading lights and opinion leaders such as village Pradhans, Mahila Swasthya Sanghs, Primary School Teachers, etc. in formulation of the PHC based family welfare and health care plan. Under this approach, plans regarding family welfare services were to be formulated in consultation with the community at the grass root level and expected to lead to improvement in quality of services and client satisfaction matching with ground situation requirements

We have been assigned to this since the last 2 days and have been going house to house survey with paramedics.
Our[read paramedics:P] job is to just note down the family details[number,names etc] giving special importance to family planning and eligible couples[15-49yrs]....myself and my friend just accompany them to boost their moral(does it?!) and get the public co-operation[since most of these people think its just another some lame government survey and don't bother at all].

But the best part of such surveys is that u get to see the real family, their living style and its practical aspects like today we came across one where the children[2 of them] had developed chicken pox and their parents still hadn't got any medical opinion but instead had been visiting a temple hoping for the cure and also came across a house(medium sized) which was home to abt 7 couples[total 21 ] and they had a common kitchen,drawing room,store room!!...u really feel sick when u see this and in a sense little bit happy that u are in a better position in life.

p.s-government has sanctioned 180rs/day/worker for this and i still don't know where his money is going[paramedics who are in this project from last 1 days still havent got a rupee]


Aparna said...

i did something in the similar lines...surveyed the nearby village about what kind of medicines they use and wht diseases are prevalant

nice experience for u

comfortably numb said...

hope it benefits those that its aimed @.