Monday, April 20, 2009


one of the nurses had taken a leave today and hence i had to take her injection room job....(in phcs usually basic drug injections are provided and a room[with a sister] will be assigned to it.)

from the time i started[around 10.30] patients kept on coming and by the time i finished the work it was around 1pm.Seeing the patients reactions here bought my childhood memories back when i used to run away from injections and do all sorts of gimmicks to avoid it[during routine vaccinations].When after uploading the drug into the syringe we press it until a drop or two spills out[ to avoid air clot formation in the artery] and children[some times adults too] here on seeing it get all sorts of phobia and instantly start crying[this is infact the best part infact and i secretly smile to myself like a devil:D]...overall it was a nice funfilled interactive learning experience and to be true was my best here till now.

p.s-one patient after getting the medication asked me whether he can take bath[since he had fever]...i said its his wish for which he replied back saying some one had told him not to do so and is now stinking like a pig!!!!

has bestowed me with an award..cute's blogger award..i thank her for this but i really dont know why i got it[my blog is cute??!!]!!:P


Prats said...

I used to be scared of Injections when I was a kid. The best part was overcoming it.

I met with an accident and had to have more than 150 injections in a period of 2 months.

Since then I am quite cool with little needing piercing down my skin :-)

Nice Post!!!

Smita said...


I was & even now am a bit scared of needles....I remember there was a lady at the hospital who used to keep chicklets in her drawer for people like me ;)

Cool post :)

Arun Kumar said... jus the opposite of u....
i dont mind getting an injection...but am afraid like hell to inject someone else...
GOD...I'm gonna be a 'great' doc.... ;-)

Mariposa said...

Funny, I was never scared of it since...well, lately I don't welcome it anymore...not as I used to! LOL

Pavi!!!! said...

u ll have one helluva blast seeing me get an injection then...i start crying before entering the doc's room..n wont stop..i wail like a baby...i HATE em injections and am terrified of them!


comfortably numb said...

an injection was always accompanied by Dairy milks in childhood:)

Mithrandir said...

thanks for that award man!
you finally managed to like something at k.g.halli?
the worst job there is sitting in the pharmacy,dispensing drugs....

Aparna said...

it depends on the docs

my family doc used to do it smoothly and painlessly

ao i never had inj-mania

ur blog is cute to me doc :)

priya said...

Haha, yes I used to run away from doctors!! [I will rn away from you too, maybe =\]
My mom used to scare me by saying "injection injection" to make me eat.
sheeesh =\

Aparna said...

[you said size of the post makes you crazy
wht kinda comment is that?
i didnt ask you to read.

it's a fiction story...gotta be long

atleast refrain for commenting like tht when u don't wanna go through]

sorry i did'nt know where else to contact u

Saranya said...

Nice post. I am not scared of needles.. :p I don't mind needles compared to taking tables. (ermm, no, I am not weirdo, lolzzz)

Well, the title of the award is quite self-explanatory. So yes, u've received the right award!!!!

Vani said...
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Vani said...

Omg! needles! I'm still phobic to dem..

Of course ur blog is Cute! Congrats on the award:)

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

I'm still extremely scared of injections...nd u actually enjoyed the reactions!!

And yes this blog is very CUTE...face it.

Vyazz said...

I remember this one time I had the doctor and the nurses chase me across the ward to get a tetanus shot when I was a kid. Though by now I'm nearly a doc....I still close my eyes tight shut every time I get stuck with a needle!!!

Avanija said...

I must be weird because i used to like injections. Preferred them over syrups and tablets :D