Friday, July 24, 2009


back to surgery now after anaesthesia....this minor posting shd have been a good relaxing period for us after med but unluckily it turned out to be quite the opposite.Daily9am-2pm[!] OT work + night duties made it sickening.Now that the new pgs were there we even lost the chance to learn intubation[tracheal] which was the only productive thing[atleast we can do it in casualty] possible to learn in anaes.More over the profs inside OT every now and then used to monitor us asking some stupid unnecessary theory qns which made it even more depressing[really hate them!].We do got chances to give spinal anaesthesia but to be frank its of no use practically anywhere else[atleast in casualty].Only thing positive was that i could study for my entrance quite a bit.

out of 7 tries in giving spinal anaes i succeeded only in 3.way to emergency OT[hell to interns at night]


Smita said...

Take care buddy :)

comfortably numb said...'ll get better yaar!!!

Lakshmi Krishnamurthy said...

I liked anesthesia! New PGs had not come and we could learn something. Also, night duties were not there. :-)

Aparna said...

3 on 7 ??!! i will never come to u for surgery doc !!!

just kidding

u will get needs practice.

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

ohh.... atleast u studied... u atleast gave spinal. we don even get that.. and yeah, i hate the questions too. i think thats the profs missile to flee us away from learnin anythin... anyways, hope things get better :)

take care

Saranya S said...

Although sounds a bit hectic, I can't wait to graduate and be a junior doc. :|
Take care.

Vani said...

3 out of 7..Gosh..!