Thursday, September 17, 2009

little moments of joy

i feel overwelmed and indeed very happy when i-

-see the baby's head suddenly popping out of the mothers womb[oops!] and rotates[called restitution]

-for the first time hold the baby in my hands and direct it towards the mother lying there exhausted[really appr them for this kind of hardship they undergo]....

-take the baby for suctioning and on putting the tube inside its tiny nose it Sneezes[atchoo!!]


just check this out...a womans quest for 100 kisses in paris....wth!

a senior staff in my college to my friend[male!] "tell me if u taking mrcs exams,even i will take so that we can study TOGETHER"!!!!...wth[2]



Shruti said...

whoo man!! lovely for u.. VERY scary for me :P
cool cartoon hehee
U don't like combined study? I don't either!

Pavi!!!! said...

Can imagine how u feel:) n the baby’s head rotates?really!?!like full 360 deg?

Will have to check the link from home…it wont open at work! the sr staff male or female?

Mariposa said...

I am so envious at get to share moments like these with people!

Saranya S said...

:) Sounds like its very interesting to be in obs n gynae. :)

ceedy said...

This is some awesome stuff you are doing :)

Goli said...

I can just imagine it, it might be a great feeling, holding the new borns :)