Friday, December 18, 2009

joke[s] of the week....

whats the similarity between washing machines and girls??



even if one of these is not available

then we have to use our own hands:)

one of my friend replies back to this sms joke "wives dont like washing clothes!!"![actual joke]

really excited abt AVATAR...going tomo but my only concern is tht how will i wear 3d glasses with my power glasses[0.5-ve] on??!!...any suggestions??...


Goli said...

I like the pictures that you put everyday. That adds so much to the post :D

Aparna said...

even if you have shortsight or longsight, it works fine with the 3d specs i guess...u'll be able to see just fine

LMFAO at the joke

msatheeshkumar said...

Ohhhhhh "AVATAR"....Its already a Smashing Hit at the Box Office. I watched it only in 2D. But that itself gave me an ever-memorable experience. I'll definitely watch the movie 2nd time,but this time I 'll go for 3D.
And yeah why don't u wear contact lens(if u have now) while going to the movie? I have no other alternative than saying about the movie in superlatives. I'm sure u'll be stunned after watching the movie.