Tuesday, April 20, 2010

legal now..

finally,atlast[and after little bit of luck must say] i got my name registered in my state council..tht means am a legally certified doc who can start practising and moreover people from now on can sue me for my misadventures[pretty scared]!....getting this work done itself was a big pain in the ass....extension,getting the duplicate challan and those stupid office people[our collg is a govn one] who make u go around 100 times to get a sign done.

Studying for long hours[though not consistent] has become a routine now...but i still feel internship was better with just work and little bit of academic thing.

Havent watched a single good movie from a month..quite a record for me....waiting for IM2..planning to see this one in big screen[hope this isnt a pseudo-3D like CotTs].


spending 3 hrs[council people made me wait till evening so had no other go] alone[!!] in Mcd yest was just too aweful...now half an hour had to buy something to keep myself and those cleaners busy..[empty table here doesnt show tht i havent eaten anything!]


Grey said...

God bless ... may you become the best Doctor. ( who gives Free treatment to the poor and Grey :D )

Watch Shutter Island if you haven't awesome movie .. so is Love Sex Dhoka .

Smita said...

Congrats :)

though when I had read "Legal Now" I was expecting a twist in the tale ;-)

Vyazz said...

I'm waiting for my provisional registration!!!

Dr Roshan R said...

all the best man.. the battle is over.. but the war is just beginning

Avanija said...