Thursday, August 18, 2011


7.25am-wake up...[6.45 alarm snoozed several times]
740-tea with biscuits [gooday]
by 8 be in wards..

this has been my routine since last few days [after i shifted out of my hostel]....not having food in the morning makes me land up with severe acidity at around 11[morning] and which ends in myself gobbling some junk food in canteen and finally end up skip lunch food [2 samosas,puff with tea and badam milk really kills ur appetite!].


Manu said...

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Arpitha Holla said...

u moved out of hostel..?? i never knew tht.. well i used to hav d same problem when i ws in hostel.. ;) coz i never used to hav hostel food.. :)
anyways.. take care.. :)