Friday, September 28, 2012

Love it...

One thing i have never regretted in my life is choosing this medical field.....becoming a doctor was always my childhood dream which am one today and am really proud of it:-)...not for the struggles to get here but for the simple fact that today i am what i really wanted to be (not many do that).....
Being in this field i feel the most satisfying part is doing clinicians job(though non clinicians like pathologist play an equally important role)......happiness on my patient's faces and the way they embrace u when they are cured is so magical.i love it when my patients come back and greet me with a smiling typing all this sitting in the ward here coz  like these patients here once upon a time i was in their shoes and a surgeon had taken very good care of me and i know how it feels when Ur cured and the concerned doctor takes good care.

Best part is when my dad calls me for a medical suggestion.coz it's the only time i get to CONTROL him and dictate terms (the ball is in my court now dude!). :-D.

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