Wednesday, November 7, 2012

miracles do happen...

a guy who was pushed off a train to brought to casualty with both his legs cut into 2 pieces[leg pieces in a plastic bag]...

me[as CMO] to ortho resident-i think he is dead bro!

ortho resident-he is breathing asshole...common boys its time save him!!

miraculously he is resuscitated and brought back to life  with fluids etc by the ortho and casualty team!!

this what gives me more happiness...not some OBAMA winning some damn election somewhere....CHANGE wont happen to us right?


now tht obama wins..every tom dick and harry sitting in their office here wants to fbook it...wht crap!!


Reflections said...

Glad the man survived.

Grey said...

Happy for the man,

Happy for Obama too.. avoid foesbook for a week :)

Smita said...

Great that the man survived and so true u r when u say that at the end of the day these things are more important than Obama winning.