Thursday, August 29, 2013


I may not be one of  the richest but at least am rich enough to buy the things I want and thus making be prosperous.
I may not be affordable to eat in the wealthiest hotels but rich enough to have three healthy meals/day.
I don't have a Ferrari but lucky enough to have my own vehicle to travel and thus avoid the nuisance of public transport.
I Am may not have the best looks but I have friends who like me for what I am and stay with me during my bad times...(no fair weather friends plz!!).
Am lucky enough to not have any disease or malformation so that I can peacefully sleep at night without any pain/suffering.
I may not be a famous rock star that people flock around me but am a good enough physician that people greet me often.

I should count my blessings...c the glass as half full not half empty or else just drink it!.

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