Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lost a companion...

I was in final year mbbs(2008) that surprisingly my elder brother gifted me my first mobile..n72.
frankly it was a dream come true for me.n series were a big craze then and I still remember how people used to vouch for these n95 phones like iPhone these days.
Games,songs or taking snaps.I did everything possible with it and I must tell that till date all my cherished moments were captured in this mobile(internship, graduation,).
Today after listening to the news of ms buying Nokia permanently almost broke my heart.the brand I used to associate with will be no more and the company which was once leading in the market will be completely wiped out of the stores.my n72 is still working (and i still love it)and hope it stays that way for few more years to come.

This Nokia episode just shows how selfish a generation can be.a company which was once loved was completely betrayed by its loyal fans just because it didn't match the technology and was not given enough time for a comeback.

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