Monday, October 28, 2013


Its been 15 days post my thesis submission and still am not buried in my studies as expected. I come home, relax, watch a movie and hit the bed to get up early next day for jogging. I have been really enjoying my days now. Guess now its time for me to plan up and get busy. No more lazy days, movies and facebooking.
I really think I should start reading some novels/books. Old days of book reading which I really used to enjoy should be brought back (atleast my kindle eBook will be worth its penny).
more watches and pens. My collections are pretty 'awesome' now. May be for the time being am little satisfied and my grabby behavior has lessened a bit (p.s-you are always welcome to gift me tag heurer watch or a waterman pen :D)
planning to spend this diwali with my parents. Both my brothers are staying away  and I feel parents are missing us. Hope to spend a day or two with them and try some crackers this time (who cares about air pollution).
Miss my old friends and foes. hardly get any time for them and these days its just whats upp and Fb chatting which keeps us in touch.

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