Wednesday, October 22, 2008

nice music

luckily got hold of just released audio album of Yuvvraaj composed by A.R Rehman..must say its pretty awesome...check it out!....[its available for dwnd in]


ceedy said... you gave this info you shld have also linked the mininova...(we are lazy man!!!) ;)

debasish.. said...

YEa, the entire LOOK of the movie is also too good!
Lets hope fr a good film :)

Grey said... , i like it.


I cannot comment on the music unless it is English or Hebrew... BUT I wanted to stop by and say Hello to you!! how are you doing???

comfortably numb said...

it is...another path breaking album by Rahman...the use european orchestra instruments like d cello is just too gud:)

Satish Bolla said...

heard abt the songs, even though am yet to hear the songs. will check