Tuesday, December 16, 2008


16th December 2007 was the day when i first started blogging...blogging then was just a trend and never knew then that over course of time i would be so addicting to it and would make so many good friends...
over the months have realized that blogging is not just about writing posts and expressing yourself but its abt finding the right frequency with other bloggers and sharing your mind space with them.
After 273 posts in 12 months i still find myself a rookie here and today would like to thank following bloggers for the support and patience for bearing with me till now....:)

drwiz[my daily dose of humor]
princessmia[like her frankness and writing style]
meemz[good blogger!]
prep4md[fellow med blogger.source of my informnation]
sailor[filled with humour and my senior in college]
plainjane[super humourous]
dreamer[always up to the point]
meghna[upcoming promising writer]
rahul[my newspaper]
Arun kumar[humorous and honest]
suma[good writing style with some desipan]
grey[every blog of his filled with humour]
akshay[masti blog]
satish[straight forward]
ceedy[humour+ facts]
maripose[honest and sincere]
aparna[masti girl]
anirudh[innocent blogger]
phoenix[fellow med blogger]
gazal[good writer ]
emaan[my friend]
akshaya[good poet]
sahefa[masti girl]
debasish[very humerous]
big pearls[advicer]
rajeev[fellow med blogger]
saim[my tv reporter]
maninpainting[my joke source]
solitaire[psychologist and advicer]
priya[good friend]
avanija[silent reader]
gagan[fellow buddy]
archana[blogger friend]
and goli[goli-ism]

and many other readers who read my blog sincerely:)

which is that one thing u like abt this blog??...and suggestions and advice are welcome;)

if i havent any ones name then its purely unintentional
read this- top 10 self surgeries


rantravereflect/ jane said...

yaaay :) happy anniversary!!
hurrrrrrrrrray :)

what i love abt ya blog is the medical parody ya put up, n also some interesting medical marvels n facts ya put up here

maybe we'd like an indian version of scrubs or grey's anatomy here n there, in your upcoming posts- just to know how life in med. college n hospital goes :)

lots of luck n love..
keep giving us those side effects :)

YS said...

Happy blogabirthday!

I wish you a successful second year of blogging full of extraordinary achievements.


~nm said...

Happy Birthday dude!

yes to you because its your 1st birthday as a blogger :D

Arun Kumar said...

happy 1st bloggiversary...

hmm...what i like in ur blog..>me bein a med student ..i luv ur medical humor...

Ghost Particle said...


happy anniversary. may all great things continue to shine, for ever.

what I like about you and your blog is that you write what you want to write. u dont force, and you dont categorize. thats what blogs are for and thats how blogs should be. to go with the oldschool flow of a diary :)

suggestions... right now im on a photojournal mode so i am gonna say...MORE photos please :P

have a great great time writing bro, and never stop :)

Drwiz said...

Wow! Happy Anniversary...and big thanks for putting my name first...he he...you've have been great bro. And as a suggestion, I'd love to see your blog in a better template, may be I can help you find a better one, but after our exams :)

Thanks again bro :)

V. Archana said...

Yoo... Happy Anniversary to ur blog :) :)

Keep going..love reading ur posts. Good luck!! :)

V. Archana said...

ahhhaa... giving a title for everyone? :)
thanks a lot,blog pal!!! :)

Anonymous said...

You Blog is YOU! That is what I like about it... I can come here and see a lil bit of you every time I come here....

You welcomed me into your blog with open arms!!! SOOOOOOO I SAY Happy Blogaversary!!!!

I cannot wait to see more of Broca.. the MD!!!

Oh and I see my Ne'ism is sticking eh? LOL!!

ceedy said...


funny + fact so that is what I will say...

it is short to the point precise - just like probably you are (remembering from your pics)

and fact is you do work that brocas part of others brains

aqua gurl said...

hey thnks for dropping by!

Congrats on ur anniversary, keep gng in the same way.

Will try reading you often!

Suma said...

hey make that chocolate cake next anniversary! :)


273 posts? awesome...

here's to many more! :D

Lakshmi Krishnamurthy said...

Congrats. Have a great year ahead. You'll be an intern and will have plenty of experiences to share with us.

Vani said...

Hey, Congrats and Happy Anniversary..:)

brocasarea said...

@ jane...yeah sure thanks:)

@ ys..thanks...hope so:)

brocasarea said...

@ nm...thank you:)

@ arun...thanks buddy...:)

brocasarea said...

@ ghost...thanks for the suggestion:)....and keep dropping by!!

brocasarea said...

@ drwiz...thanks...it was just random;)..all the best for exams!!!

brocasarea said...

@ archana...thanks:)

@ ne....thanks:)....its contagious[ne-ism]!!!

brocasarea said...

@ ceedy..thanks :)

@ aqua girl...welcome:)...and thanks

brocasarea said...

@ suma....yeah..and thanks:)...

brocasarea said...

@ lakshmi...thanks...hope so:)

brocasarea said...

@ vani...thanks...welcome back;)

the stygian sailor said...

happy blogaversary and best of luck for the exams

brocasarea said...

@ sailor....thanks:)...

Saranya said...

Congrats on ur blogiversary :) wishing you to meet many more of this special day :)

brocasarea said...

@ saranya...thanks..hope so:)

Goli said...

I share birthday with your blog.. :)

brocasarea said...

@ goli..belated wishes and thanks:)

priya said...

Heyyy!! Is that me> a good friend?? Ahh haa ahh ???

This sound so cool !! Happy Blog Anniversary!!

You've written more posts than me in one year !! (when my blog is like, 2 years old, *i think*)

Hmm so what I like about your blog ?? When I first visited Broca's Area, I liked the way you put such amazing informations in short posts. It din require a lot of reading. Just a little post would say everything!! Like all those facts and [photos of your text books :P]stuff.
And I really liked the idea of your other blog. It inspired me to write my own post on Mnemonics. Remember???

I also liked that post where you'd put up all the kannada slangs and their meaning :P Twas funny :P

priya said...

Btw, do you know that you've WON in the Avant Garde Blogging Awards? Did you look it up?! Go collect your badge!!

brocasarea said...

@ priya..yeah i remember:)

and thanks for reminding me..will collect it:)

Phoenix said...

Happy Anniversary :)
May you keep bloggin happily and joyfully and thoughtfully ever.

And what I like about your blog is
- the regularity. You keep updating at regular interval, however minute the thing may b, which is good.
- Your blog sound humble and honest
- You reply to all the comments and also visit the blogs of your readers
- You cover things not only medical related, but also what's going on in the current world.

If I think of something else later, I ll let you know.

And if I don't like something about blog - that can be black background colour, for it gives so much stress to eyes. Anyway take care.

Anonymous said...

happy Anniversary! and that u remember me in your celebrations is SOooooooooooooo heartening :D :)

I ope u have many more posts lined up!!

One thing i love abt your blog?! the utter sincerity of its being :) reflects the true u :)

Grey said...

And many many more to come... your blog(therapy/diagnose) keeps most of us sane... keep up the good work..


Happy Birthday!
We both try in our ways to find that magic which has transformed an unfriendly grin of astrelopethacus into a very human funny smile...(Thanks to VS Ramachandran!)
Right from the beginning,from the title "Broca's area"...you are a person who know what you are dealing with..
it is a very rare quality...
I was very very happy to read about what you think of MIP..You certainly understood the happiness i love to share...Many think it is a "serious blog".But actually it is full of non sense and fun..
"party time in broca's area"
that connects our blog..
i just want to say..
take care

Prats said...

That been one great journey...and blogging has indeed gotten all of as friends...its been wonderful knowing you here...
Happy blogaaniversary....

Happy holidays too...

brocasarea said...

@ phoenix...thanks for the suggestion:)..appr it:)

brocasarea said...

@ veens...thanks:)

@ mip..well said..it reflectsthe trueme....happy blogging:)

brocasarea said...

@ prats...thanks:)

@ grey..thanks dude:)

Satish Bolla said...

buddy, it's celebration time. sad to see that i missed this post by a week. but congrats for the first anniversary.

thanks for callin me straight-forward. many people(bloggers) are giving me the same name and it seems that the time has come for me to become one.

anyways, wht i like in ur blog is none of the terms u use are familiar to me and we keep on learning new things with ur each post(except ur exam posts).

btw, that top 10 self surgeries was scary..... :(

brocasarea said...

@ satish...thanks:)...keep coming!!

Prats said...

Happy Budday to the Blog....

Sorry for being late...

Congrats for keeping the spirit of blogging alive....


The above link is of the video one of my best friends made for the Pune Blogger meet. Check it out for the true spirit of blogging...

brocasarea said...

@ prats..thanks dude...appr it:)...its really nice

Meghna said...

awwww.....I'm so sorry 2 be late bro....really sorry :(

Happy Blog B'day- belated :P

I just love ur blog bro...keep it going the way it is though, a change in layout wld do good too :P

Aparna said...

ur blog is perfect..can't think of any suggestions

but may be u can describe about ur classes and life at college and the way u do operations ..

u should personalise ur blog and share something from ur everyday life too

brocasarea said...

@ meghna...thanks for the suggestion:)

brocasarea said...

@ aparna...thanks..will do it:)

MeeMzZ said...

thanx maaan

i'm third one!!;p

i never thought i'll find my self here!!;p

no trust me your the good blogger your like a hot medical dude that has a blog!!;p

oh and happy b-day!!;p

brocasarea said...

@ meemz..i really didnt get wht u said:P...thanks!!:)

Shruti said...

aye! :) 273 posts in a year is really something! I reached only 50 :P
THIS is exactly what I like about ur blog. There is not a day u keep us wondering what u r upto. Such regular updates.. so simple and honest :)
Keep blogging..

brocasarea said...

@ shruthi...thanks:)...

Pavi!!!! said...

Sorry I'm late Broca....was out on a vacation!

Congrats on ur Blog Aniv.....

n hey thnx for lookin at me as a well-wisher!

i love ur space for its simplicity...ur posts are short...n most often funny,smart or informative! Good Luck for countless more years of penning ur thoughts!

brocasarea said...

@ pavi...thanks:))

Avanija said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your blog and hope you keep blogging throughout your medical journey.....

Wat i like abt your blog is that it is very sincere and down-to-earth

keep it up :D

Avanija said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your blog. Hope you keep blogging throughout your medical journey.

I like your blog coz it is very sincere and down to earth. keep it up :D. Im gng to read it always nyway

Aparna said...

u call me masti girl!! lolz..thanx doc!

ur blog is a gr8 one doc!
first of all the blog title ..it is so apt for ur proffesion..wonderful idea of the title.

ur posts r short and sweet, so tht doesnt require much effort.
unlike me..i write whole pages, so some people in a hurry find ut irksome.

and u describe evryday happenings in ur med coll....i always admired doctors and it is interesting to gain so much med knowledge.

cheers ~ !!!!

Aparna said...

share about ur college life also naa

brocasarea said...

@ aparna...i admire those who respect me:)...yeah sure....