Thursday, July 4, 2013

Toy shop..

Had been to madras for some personal was just for a day.
stayed at my aunts place and roamed around a bit visiting some nearby maals.dresses or any electronic gadgets never draw my attention but every time when i enter a good pen shop(Williams pen showroom) I get this childish enthusiasm and happiness.I look at them with glowing eyes(and awesomeness) and most of the times end up undecided which ones to buy because of the sheer quality and variety they offer here.having pelikan,parker,lamy and Sheaffer in my collection now but every such visits just makes me realize that I still have much more to go.this always reminds me of my childhood where chocolates and toys used to have the same grow up and many times forget to enjoy such things in life and I feel that having an hobby always keeps this habit floating.

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DocPriya said...

Nice post.. Glad to hear that you love pens.. I have different hobbies too.. And yes.. Hobbies keep you alive and make you relive your childhood dreams.. So may you be gifted with a new pen of your choice this season.. Good luck.. And Keep writing.!!