Friday, July 26, 2013


Want ........

G shock watch which am planning to own from years...(sponsorships are welcome)

Indefinite break from work....a month long holiday...(a fake fracture will fetch this)

World wide trip with friends....(medical reps can offer this for the meds I give away)

Gadgets which will assist my profession,best ones.

To take my mom for some Europe trip.

Fridge full of ice creams and juices (provided I don't end up having asthma/running nose next day).

Go for a leisure trip with my lady.

Land up in a disco and end up doing crazy things(like in hangover).

A dog

Worlds best fountain pens (Mont blanc?)


Unknown said...

Will try some for u..

Thespian said...

Great! You'll probably get all this done if you change the Want to Need! ;)