Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mouse turns 40

The humble computer mouse celebrates its 40th anniversary today.

On 9 December 1968 hi-tech visionary Douglas Engelbart first used one to demonstrate novel ways of working with computers.

The first mouse that Dr Engelbart used in the demo at the Fall Joint Computer Conference (FJCC) was made of wood and had one button.

Much of the technology shown off in the demo inspired the creation of the hardware and software now widely used.

A day of celebration is planned in California to mark the 40th anniversary; with many of the researchers behind the original demo reunited to mark the event.

Paying the price

Office workers using computers constantly are at risk from repetitive strain injury (RSI), more recently known as non-specific arm pain (NSAP)
This is a collection of symptoms covering work-related upper limb problems, which can affect the hands, wrists, necks, arms and upper back

Try to avoid prolonged or repetitive tasks
Use both hands
Take short breaks rather than one long one
Keep warm - cold muscles don't extend properly
Report pain or other symptoms straight away
Use a headset when talking and typing
Rotate work tasks to vary routine
Follow guidance from your individual assessment
Customize your mouse settings to use it occasionally with your other hand

source-BBC and wikipedia

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