Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pulse polio

Today[21st december] is the 1st phase of the two-phase pulse polio campaign[2nd phase is on feb1st] to be held all over India during which Oral polio drops will be administered to about two lakh children in the 0-5 age group.

About the Programme-

In pursuance of the World Health Assembly 1988, to eradicate polio by year 2000 AD. The Pulse Polio Immunization, in addition to routine polio immunization, was first started in the year 1995. Every child below 3 years of age was given two doses of oral polio drops with one month apart[September to feb-time of low transmission of this virus]. In order to accelerate pace of polio eradication, the target age was increased to cover children below 5 years of age from 1996.

The modified IPPI (Intensified Pulse Polio Immunization) strategy included vaccination of children through fixed booth approach on first day, followed by extensive house-to-house search of missed children for vaccination. During these years new strategies were introduced to cover endemic states and the results were good. At present mostly the transmission is going in Uttar Pradesh & Bihar.

our college participation-
Since our college is a Teritary Centre many nearby community centers are attached to it and as a part of our community medicine we were a part of 2005-2006 was quite a good experience.The programme is conducted in 4 days,first day being the booth approach where 3-4 students were assigned to a booth[my place was in some temple!!] from morning to evening and on the other 3 days there will be extensive house to house search[each day 200-250 houses] for the children which are later recorded in a file and sent to the respective community the end we were paid some money and a certificate[10marks in psm are assighned to it]!!...

lets make this years campaign successfull by giving our full cooperation and participation:)



lets all work together..
today only I saw your comment..
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Saranya said...

Oh wow. Good luck with it and hope u have fun :)

Drwiz said...

You know, I never got an oppurtunity to do this... :(

Satish Bolla said...

all the best, buddy. my school/college never participated in good Samaritan events like this

brocasarea said...

@ mip...thanks:)

@ was in 2005!!

brocasarea said...

@ drwiz...:)

@ satish...thanks:)

Saranya said...

Oh..where had I been lost? :s
Hope u HAD fun!

brocasarea said...

@ saranya..:)

Vani said...

I think its really nice to take part in such programmes. Hope u had great time. :)
I've read in newspaper there are some infant deaths in TN state after Polio vaccination. Hope its ok with ur region

brocasarea said...

@ vani...yeah..its sad..they were just some rumours!!