Wednesday, August 19, 2009

KannadigariGAY :)

Full vodhi.. Yenjoy madi.

The recent High Court ruling on Gays has created quite a stir in
Karnataka and has made the average kannadiga take a re-look at his
daily life.

The native Kannadiga family man wakes up in the morning (belaGAY) and
discovers that his whole family could be GAY.

His father is heard telling his mother : maganGAY, magalGAY, soseGAY.

His wife says appanGAY, ammanGAY, gandanGAY...... and she loves

He gets ready for breakfast........ thindyGAY. here the talk is about
nanGay, ninGay .

His favorite home-made sweet dish is holGay.

At work, they talk about : YaarGAY,AvaruGAY, IvaruGAY, hinGAY, hanGAY,
elliGAY, alliGAY, bossGAY, secretaryGAY.

At his children's school, it is TeachersGAY, StudentsGAY, puneGAY and so

For entertainment, he goes cinemaGAY

The Judiciary and Police are no different. It is JugdeGAY, PoliceGAY,
KalruGAY and so on.

Even the non-living things are GAY inclined. The Kannadiga says
busGAY, trainGAY, flightGAY.........

Finally, at the end of the day, he heads back home..........maneGAY.

And what does he find on the way.......... the road is lined with
sampiGAY trees.

And deep into the night, his wife tells him methGAY.


Idu NimmellareGAY


Grey said...

ROFLMAO ! brutal but funny ! nimGAY thuba Thanks.

Pavi!!!! said...

ROFL!!! too goood!

n i hv been looking out to brush up my kannada knowledge 'coz i seem to be forgetting the language :(..thsi helps in that too ;)

punegay = again?

Reflections said...

Superb.....beshtu ree;-D!!!!!!

Like Grey says nimgay thumba tanks ree;-D