Thursday, February 14, 2008


2 here refers to 2 street dogs on the road in front of my house....they are staying here on this road for quite a long time[3-4 years]. being regularly fed by our neighbour.....and are quite useful during night as watch dogs[didnt get any other term to describe]! from past one month another 2 dogs[+2] have joined them[ younger]...and moreover actually dont like the other 2[elder ones] creating quite a rivalry among them selves.....hope all these 4 dogs are not rabid!!!![especially after reading so much abt rabies in psm]

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Mithrandir said...

yeno ashtondu baridbittidiya agle... no replies or comments from others???
i found my blog, had created it in January 2006. only entry there was my own entry,just 1 in 2 years cant believe it!!!