Monday, February 4, 2008

my favourite movies of 2007..........!

note-the movies are arranged randomly[not by rank]

RATATOUILLE-this is one of the best animation movies i have ever seen....its abt a rat which wants to become a thing was the climax!

300-good action movie with lots of graphics and
special effects....

Chak de-simply superb!!!!!!!!

TZP-one of the few movies which did really well at the box office [and also with the critics] with
much publicity...good directorial debut by A.K!

Gone baby gone-very good but unfortunately didnt do well in box office...its abt a kidnapping case of a 4 year old child...very well directed and good acting.

APNE-this movie is abt a father[Dharmendra] who being an olympic champion wants to coach his son for the same.....actaully its inspired by Stallon"s ROCKY movie.....

i now pronounce you CHUCK and LARRY-this is a comedy movie abt 2 close friends who act like gay partners in order to gain some insurance .....the way movie is moves from starting till the end is really timepass!!!!!!

The BOURNE ULTIMATUM-this is an action movie[actually more of a thriller type]...abt an it only if u have seen the first 2 parts[prequels]....

SAW 4-4 installment in the saw series...continuation of saw 3...more violent with good suspence....actually its better than 3 but not as good as 1 and 2............

SIVAJI-this ranjnikanth movie directed my Shankar is real fun....perfect mixture of good story,comedy,action and music!

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