Monday, February 25, 2008

What is the anatomy of.....?

"What is the anatomy of.....?"...well this is the stock question we [UGs] are usually asked in the beginning of any postings and today was no different !...Our final year postings commenced today with ORTHOPEDICS.[totally 4 postings will be there of 6 weeks each except orthopedics which is of 4 weeks].Professors usually think that ugs are good in anatomy[rather should be] although we had given our anat exam long back[1st year] and by the time we come to final year we would have forgotten almost everything[except few major things].Classes were taken in the wards(totally we are 5 in our unit) by a assistant prof who showed us some pretty bad shoulder fracture cases[including a case of whole upper limb paralysis].It ended at 11.Over all it was quite good[not bad also].

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