Monday, February 18, 2008

"there will be no final without me"

"there will be no final[Olympic] without me"was the statement of Maurice Green when he won gold medal in 2000 Sydney Olympics famously known as "worlds fastest man"...MG was born in Kansas city and had to overcome various hardships before finding his feet in the track career.He won his first major title at world championship at Athens in 1997,this was just the beginning..later in 1999 he set the 100m world record at 9.79s beating Baileys standing world record of 9.84s,following which he had given a statement "No way i thought it was that fast",later he captured the gold medal in Sydney olympics and bronze in 2004 Athens olympics.MG has run 52 sub-10s 100m races during his career,more than any other splinter in history.All this ended on February 4 when he announced his retirement form international track and field citing nagging injuries.Truly hes a LEGEND!


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