Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dj Bobo.....its my life....

Rene Baumann known as DJ Bobo is a successful Swiss singer,writer and music producer...he has received numerous golds and platinums for his songs and has found success in many parts of the world...among his many good songs my favourite one is "ITS MY LIFE" track from his album CELEBRATION which was released in 2002....that song really lifts me up and have heard to it abt 30 times till is the lyrics of the song..........

It's my life
I stand it all alone
Accept my way of living
I live it on my own
It's my life
I try to be so free
'Cause freedom is the promise
Of my destiny
It's my life
Oho ohoho
I'm never gonna give it up
Oho ohoho
I never ever lose my aim
Oho ohoho
I'm never gonna give it up
Accept my way of living
It's my life

I am dreaming in the sunshine
I dream of all the people
I talked to in my lifetime
Different cultures, different nations
Happy people, lucky people
Feeling my vibrations

They just told me all the reasons
I have to find my own way
Don't change it like the season
It's my life, I live it on my own
Welcome to the dangerzone


Like my mother is holding my hand
Whenever I'm alone
Music is my best friend
You're my passion, we're together
Music is my life
I wanna live with you forever

There's no limit, celebration
Everybody come on and dance
Feel the fascination
Like a Rolling Stone into the microphone
I live it on my own



Mithrandir said...

saw your blog, looks a lot more professional now, got someone`s help?
carry on man...

broca's area said...

no..did it on my own!..jealous? thanks!