Wednesday, March 5, 2008

first pill

today was one of those miserable days where you had to do your routine work when the world around you[ my other classmates] is busy enjoying and relaxing.Yeah,we had to give our first orthopedics internals today[this years first one] in the opd.The day typically started with us going to the opd on time[9am] and the professors as usual coming late[after 10].5 of us were told to take a case which unfortunately ended with the other 2 taking it.remaining 3 of us were given another case [a complicated? one] but unfortunately which due to patient"s incooperation couldn't complete it[SIMPU-students expert in making patients uncooperative??].Finally[thank god!] a pretty easy case was given ,which we presented to a assistant prof and got an idea regarding the internals in the coming days!
finally came home and watched MITHYA movie[produced by Arindam Chaudary-still guessing what made such a person enter the film industry!],it was good!


debasish said...

looks like you r havin a tough time at ur college( dat a hospital)
Ur stories remind me of Munnabhai MBBS.
keep posting !!

PritS said...

Arindam uncle... Dude that guy is chasing money. He is supposed to be an 'MBA'. :)

Dr said...

Yeah..guess he also wants some money and fame like everyone else in that industry!:)

brocasarea said...

@ prits....yeah hes a self proclaimed management guru!