Thursday, March 6, 2008


Blacky is the name of one of the dogs of our neighbor(other being browny) which died unexpectedly yesterday night[that too on the occasion of shiv ratri] after being hit by a car at about 2300.Actually it was brought by our next door neighbors about 3 months back when they moved in .Along with its friend Browny they had formed a formidable pair in the street always being active and doing things which a normal watchman does at night!.We used to feed it occasionally with some biscuits and all.
This tragic incident happened yesterday night when while chasing one of the plastic covers this dog went straight to the middle of the road which when was hit by the car coming from the opposite direction.Browny was just lucky to escape as it was just behind this dog.This all happened when my brother was watching and he couldn't do anything:(...Its rightful owners must be blamed for all this since inspite of repeatedly telling them to keep the dogs indoors at least during nights, they were inhuman enough not to do so!...this shows the ugly side of human beings!.As a mark of respect and love for the dog am posting with some pictures!

Before-taken few days back

Today morning-rest in peace!:(

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