Sunday, March 9, 2008

Physician"s nightmare

Normally a physician during his practice comes across many diseases diagnosing which becomes rather a complex due to multiple symptoms and causes.
DIC[disseminated intravascular coagulation] is one of them where on one side in the patients blood[intravascular] there is excessive clot formation and one the other side due to these clot formation most of the platelets[one required for clot formation] are used up resulting in excessive bleeding[due to resultant platelet decrease].This condition usually occurs during pregnancy and during road traffic accidents.When diagnosing and treating the patient for this condtion the physician is unable to decide whether to give procoagulants to stop bleeding(which further promotes clot formation) or to give anticoagulants(which in turn promotes bleeding) to stop the clot formation and thus it requires meticulous maneuvering of the clinician between Scylla of clot and the Charybdis of bleeding,rightly called as PHYSICIANS NIGHTMARE.


DrWiz said... scratching my head....

brocasarea said...

dont worry! wont happen to you!

Sahefa said...

I always say that physician are totally mad!!!
By the way nice post.

Sahefa said...

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brocasarea said...

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