Wednesday, March 26, 2008

random conversation

me: now a days i dont enjoy chatting with you!
my friend"s reply-thts because i dont reply properly [admire the persons honesty here]

me-no thats because our conversation is always on way!
my friend"s reply-yeah..i am an extrovert

me-your are wrong
my friend"s reply-then am in a introvert?

me-yeah..introvert means those who are less social
my friend"s reply-okk...[ honesty!]

me-i think you should change
my friend"s reply-i dont want to think anything for a few days

my friend"s reply-no..some other problem

me-you could have shared it with me?..anyways atb for internals bye!
my friend"s reply-i have shared too many conversations with many people and so have to stop talking about myself and start listening to other people more...i am fine, bye....lets study!!!

the person is one of those few fellows who is extremely frank and honest!!!..[everyone cant be like that:)]


c e e d y said...

hey bud- thanks for visiting my space - i am down with comp break down syndrome - just limited access at office - once back up will visit often

dont let such frank friends go - they are the best medium to get a true feedback!

brocasarea said...


Ghost Particle said...

ah...interesting takes. communication holds so much memories.

Devil Mood said...

Well, at least you have honest friends, that's a start. And studying time isn't the right time to get into philosophical chats, I say, even though it gets really tempting!

brocasarea said...

@ ghost..yeah!:)

@devil-yeah am lucky in that way!..)..thanks for dropping by!!

Smita said...

Hey! well, if you look up MBT, Introvert is a person who is driven internally - i.e. does not depend on external factors/people for his happiness. We often use it to mean a less social person.

Meghna said...

Hey Pratap,
That friend is someone everyone wishes for! You've got one so don't let him go....He'll be honest, you bet!

Nice post!

brocasarea said...

@ smita.....yeah in a sense thts right!!...:)