Tuesday, March 4, 2008

other part!

this is our 2nd week of our clinical postings and it started off quite well today in the wards.Took a wrist fracture case of a nurse[who is working here in the same hospital]. and who is been admitted in one of the special wards[yeah... government hospitals too have them but its not free].We were really surprised by the way she cooperated to us(usually medial staff people when admitted don't cooperate), and after finishing this case went to the rounds [for the 1st time] with our unit professor[who looks more like a zombie than a professor] and two of his PGs where we were shown some Xrays and some pretty bad RTA cases.Our theory classes were supposed to start today with a medicine class but fortunately:) that didn't happen.But the best part was got to meet some of my friends after quite a long time[ 3rd phase exams].

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