Wednesday, March 26, 2008


finally have studied some thing for my medicine internals [after nonstop studying for 2 days:)]...still have infectious diseases and metabolic diseases [and liver] to complete...but much happy now compared to my preparations few days back...finally got a torrent to download[i know its illegal] for prison break episode 14 (season 3),will be able to watch it by evening...this is one serial i follow religiously (other being Dr House).From past few days my big brother has been watching FRIENDS (serial) which he luckily (unlucky for me) got from one of his friends [first 4 seasons] he watches atleast 3 episodes daily and because of which we (myself and my twin brother) have been unable to use the pc in the night from past few days (some times really feel like throwing those dvds away:( )...have to study now! [yeah bunked classes today!] the way any Prison break or Dr house viewer out there???


mathew said...

oh..rarely get to see other fans of prison break..I have completely lost touch after first two seasons..previously it used to be regularly updated in stage6...sadly am following the story in wiki these days!!

brocasarea said...

@ has become quite interesting now!...[last few episodes]