Thursday, March 20, 2008

it pays to remember names and faces!

Two men approached each other on the street with a look of
recognition in their eyes. One said to the other, "Now wait a
minute, don't tell me, I know I know you, but I'm not sure of
where we met. Let me see if I can think of your name. I've got
it! We met in Miami Beach two years ago."
"No, I've never been to Miami Beach."
"Hold it, don't tell me—oh, yes, it was on the boardwalk
of Atlantic City that we met."
"Sorry, I've never visited Atlantic City."
"I've got it now! Chicago in 1953!"
"Nope, I was not in Chicago in 1953."
"Well, I know we've met, where do I know you from?"
"Idiot! I'm your brother!!


Grey said...

Muhahaha ! what a retard!

brocasarea said...

@ grey..this was given in harry lorayanes memory book!