Thursday, March 13, 2008

Magic formula....!

We as human beings come across various problems in our life and tend to worry about them[rather than being concerned].I used to do the same thing :( until i came to know about this technique given in one of the Dale Carnegie"s book[not that it has completely banished my worries but atleast it has decreased it to some an extent] .However let me warn you that this technique is nothing new to you people and you would have applied this in your life and i need not stress on that.The problem in us is not ignorance but inaction and my purpose here is just to do something about applying them.

Basically there are 3 steps in the technique!

1) analyze the situation fearlessly and honestly and figure out what was the worst thing that can happen in any given situation[or failure]
2) after figuring out what is the worst that can possibly happen,accept it mentally and practically[most important step in the technique!!!]

3) from that time on calmly devote your time and energy to improve upon the worst that you have already accepted

apply this and see it working just like any mind recipe!!..:))


DrWiz said...

But what if am extremely cool about everything in life?

brocasarea said...

then u dont have to worry about this thing!:)..enjoy life!

Sahefa said...

Sorry i didn't get time to explain you about tagging.
When you get tagged that mens that you have to write 6 facts about you and remember: be honest while writing. When you have written the facts then you can pass on this tagging to your other friends. You have to tell them by writing it at the end of the post or in the comments section of your friends blog.
Hope you understood. Now you can do tagging.

PritS said...

Interesting. I should read one of those books soon. :)