Sunday, March 30, 2008


hmm......this is one thing we would have seen others doing [a thousand times] and we would have done it atleast once daily [if u are health conscious:D]..yeah u guessed it right.. its nose picking, also called "gold digging" or "rhinotillexis"...but unfortunately the part of the nose involved in this [lower part] and the upper lip are called danger area of the face coz any infection in these regions can directly spread to the brain [called cavernous sinus] through the be careful nextime when u are about to explore your gold mine!!!..:)


Grey said...

but i always have stuffing in my nose, i have to dig while bathing. BTW look for 'kevin rudd ear wax youtube' on google..

brocasarea said...

@ grey..thts not a problem..this infection occurs only if there is break in the skin!!!